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About NFT.

What is NFT?

NFT stands for Non-Fungible Token and refers to a system that proves the owner of digital assets using blockchain technology. It represents unique originality and ownership by using virtual tokens to attach passwords that cannot be duplicated or forged to digital files or assets such as pictures and videos as certificates.

About NF eats.

What is NF eats?

NF eats is an NFT project that combines content IP and food under the message 'replaceable food'. As an NFT project involving the No. 1 Korean drama producer, marketing company, and food IP company, it focuses on sharing content revenue and food sales revenue with NF eats holders.

What are some projects of NF eats?

Currently, Korea Retro Burger Club (KRBC) is the main project of NF eats. In addition, BeerPrint Club (BPC) and NOPO NFT will be produced later. Detailed explanations can be found on the detailed page of the project on the website.

What information can I get from the NF eats website?

On the website, you can check NF eats projects, artwork, road map (direction), and team members of
NF eats projects.

Where can I find out about NF eats?

You can learn more about the current status and announcements on the NF eats Twitter channel and Discord channel (holder only). It also provides a variety of information such as presenting new roadmaps, event guidance, signing partnerships, publishing works, and airdrops.

How is NF eats related to K-Contents?

NF eats was formed in a joint venture between a production company representing K-Contents and a food IP company. The core of NF eats is to combine K-Contents (drama, movie, entertainment, etc.) with food and publish it as NFT. This causes three effects.
1. You can produce quality content with the shares of the holders.
2. Blockchain can protect the copyright of the content creator.
3. Content revenue and food sales revenue can be shared with holders.

About Regarding NF eats transaction.

How can I purchase NFT works?

It can be purchased from NFT Market Opensea. In order to purchase NF eats works, it is necessary to create a cryptocurrency wallet, and you must have a certain amount of virtual currency consumed when purchasing in your cryptocurrency wallet.

Where can I check transaction-related schedules
such as airdrop and minting?

Information on various promotions such as airdrops and minting events can be found on NF eats Discord (holder only), Twitter, and Instagram.

Do I incur expenses related to transaction when selling
my NFT work?

Yes, a fee equivalent to 2.5% of the sales amount will be charged to the seller when purchasing works at Opensea Market.


What are the membership benefits of NF eats?

Different membership (benefits) are provided for each project of NF eats.

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