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Non Fungible Eats.
NF eats.

Legendary Food NFT projects are here.

NF eats brings NFT and the most iconic brands and legendary names in food, drink, restaurant, culture and street together to create unique digital collections and experience in food industry.

About NF eats

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Welcome to
NF eats Community!

You can check out more about NF eats on our Twitter and Instagram.
We have a Discord community where we throw special events for our holders.

Are you a NF eats holder? Go ahead and join Discord!
Not a NF eats holder? try the NF eats' NFTs at Opensea

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& Tokenomics

Holding just a single NFT artwork by NF eats will open doors for you to

enjoy all the membership benefits by NF eats!

Try becoming a holder, you won’t regret!


If you become a holder . . .

- you will be given whitelist rights for NF eats-related projects.

- you will have the right to vote through Discord regarding NF eats.

- you will be distributed profits on tv shows, movies, webtoons, and games by NF eats.

- you will be distributed profits on food, stores, goods, apparels by NF eats.

- you can participate in festivals, pop-up stores, and gift events organized by NF eats.

- you can participate in the additional minting of PFPs issued by NF eats to existing holders.

NF eats
NFT Projects

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Korea Retro Burger Club

KRBC consists of 1990 NFTs of retro burger brands that existed

from the late 1970s to 1990s in Korea.

We have applied for and secured a total of 27 trademarks.

Our goal is to provide our holders profit, joy, and nostalgia

through exciting and original roadmap.

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You can now enjoy beer customized to your desired taste, size, and design. You can brew and enjoy the same beer as your NFT at the best microbreweries. World’s first hand-crafted beer NFT project is coming soon.

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The "NOPO"

The legendary, long-loved restaurants that disappeared - you can meet them again or even own them through NFT. The moment we meet the restaurants in our memories again - it will be a moment to cherish.

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Bangsong-Sigdang is Korea's
No. 1 food IP platform company.

Starting with the licensed food of Netflix & JTBC’s popular tv show <Itaewon Class>, Bangsong-Sigdang, meaning Broadcasting Restaurant in Korean, has been publishing and marketing food product along with Korea’s best tv-shows, entertainment shows, mukbang, webtoons, and more. As Korea’s top food IP company, NF eats will lead new industries and markets in the food and IP sectors by making the world’s first food heritage NFT beyond Korea.

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We are teamed up with Take2 Media Group, Korea's No.1 drama marketing

and production company, and entrepreneurs from foodtech startups.


​CEO / Founder
TAKE2 Media Group

Hyukjin Choi is CEO of Take2 Media group and NF eats / Bangsig, inc. Having been at Contents industry since 2004, he is known for bold leadership and his  passion for the company’s mission to create economic opportunities so that people live better lives. 

Take2 Media Group is Korea's No. 1 drama marketing and production company and has various affiliates in the content field. Take 2 recently attracted Series B investment from Seoul Land.

He holds a BA in public relations and journalism from Korea University.


CSO / Co-Founder

Sejin Choi is CSO of NF eats / Bangsig, inc. He is a serial entrepreneur who have founded food tech startups such as Cafe Bora(USA, Canada, Thai), Dessert Commerce and Seafood Distributor.

Before starting his business, he was in charge of communication at the presidential office of the Blue House, the Air Force headquarters, and the Ministry of Strategy and Finance.

He holds an MBA from Korea University and a BA in Management from Republic of Korea Airforce Academy.


Director / Partnership

Heechang Do is Chief Partnership Officer of NF eats / Bangsig, inc. With more than 15 years of experience in high-growth companies, he held several executive sales leadership roles.

Prior to joining NF eats at the start of 2021, He was the team leader of the sales and purchasing department of a listed company. In this role, he led the expansion of company’s offerings to attract and serve sophisticated business buyers who could significantly benefit.

He holds an BA in Management from Kyonggi University.


Director​ / Operation

S.H Paek leads human resources at Take2 / NF eats / Bangsig, inc. His strategic leadership not only provides corporate employees with the culture and tools they need to be successful, but also extends to the independent professionals from around the world that augment the team. 

He holds a BA in Material engineering from Korea University.


Director / Licensing

G.S Kim is the Senior Director of Licensing at NF eats / Bangsig,inc., where he leads the company’s Intellectual Properties team including Drama, Entertainment, Webtoons. Prior to joining NF eats, he held several executive sales leadership roles at MACO.

He holds a BA in public relations and journalism from Korea University.



/ CEO of Hamullae, inc.

Y.W Lee is CEO at Hamullae, inc., where he leads a food tech startup focused on technology innovation and  transformation that helps expand seafood product portfolio, accelerates delivery and powers the seafood marketplace. Before starting the Hamullae, inc., he was a Senior Director at Hand-Studio & Mercy Juice, leading the team responsible for UX design. 

He holds a BA in Video Design from Handong University.

이상재 민증.jpg

Manager / Lead

S.J Lee is a Product Manager of NF eats. He leads a team across UX, Trust and Safety, and Product Development. 


Producer / Drama & Ent.

J.Y Park is Chief Producer of NF eats. He has been producing mega-hit web dramas and entertainment contents.


Designer / Art Director

E.B Kim Leads main design of NF eats. With her efforts, we were able to see the process of food becoming art.


Manager / Planner

S.H Kim is Planner of NF eats. She leads a team across NFT Management,  and Membership Community.


Advisor / Lawyer

C.S. Lee is an advisory lawyer for NFeats under the law firm "Jeha."

The main advisory field is related to intellectual property rights and licenses.


Advisor / CEO of Purplex

Mikey Min is an entrepreneur and investor who founded Outer Korea and Purplex. He is also an innovator who connects the blockchain and entertainment industries.


Anyone with a food IP can build an
NFT community with NF eats.

Restaurants loved by many people, chefs with their own recipes, and food brands with strong fandom.

Welcome to both individuals and businesses with food-related IPs.

Now it's time to build a new community with NF eats.

Get in Touch

We'll call you as soon as possible.

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We worked with

We worked with leading companies such as media, content, food, franchises and creators.

Based on this strong partnership, NF eats will build a new revenue ecosystem that leads to NFT.

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